Caroline Berkenbosch
Pipilotti Rist



Caroline Berkenbosch and Pipilotti Rist get on very well with each other. Their contributions came into being after a close collaboration and have the same title: Lullaby. The music that Berkenbosch made for Loud & Clear is unlike the rest of her oeuvre. She usually works with large orchestras and her compositions have considerable volume. The subdued sounds of Lullaby, consisting simply of melodeon and bird song, suit Rist's visual contribution wonderfully. The wistful tone sets the images aglow.
Rist often plays with Romantic cliches, but almost never so frankly as here. Swinging camera movements explore a piece of nature from below: a clear blue sky, treetops, bushes. Now and then the camera is pointed at a road with passing cars. Because of the intense colours and wild camera movements, the viewer is sucked into the picture and plunged into a sensual, almost physical experience of nature. Both the music of Berkenbosch and the images of Rist express an indefinable desire. Their collaboration finally concludes with an almost pleasant-feeling sense of melancholy.
*S,C,P,F... has added a little extra. The Spanish advertising agency showed the film on a monitor at various outdoor locations in Barcelona. In the morning in a working-class shopping street, later in the day on a primary school playground and in the evening in the entertainment district. Apart from the children nobody takes any notice of the film. The loneliness expressed in the work of Berkenbosch and Rist is made painfully literal. What happens to art when it is removed from its familiar context and how indifferently can people react?