Toek Numan
Viktor & Rolf
David Droga/ Saatchi&Saatchi


video excerpt

video excerpt
David Droga/

In the knowledge that images would be made to his music, Toek Numan wanted to keep his composition as taut and clear as possible. He wrote a piece with a strong underlying pulse and a transparent sound. The continuing pulse functions as a vehicle for the constant stream of images and the relatively uncomplicated harmonies (of harpsichord, cello, bass guitar and drums) stand alongside the visual narrative, support it or give it an extra charge. Viktor & Rolf decided to make a video compilation of their latest fashion show, in which the intimacy of the human body functions as basis for the world. A diversity of landscapes is projected onto the clothes of the models as they parade along the catwalk. From metropolitan to charming little meadows, from merciless modern to ultra-Romantic. Their bodies are subordinate to the images they show, yet their faces stay strong and proud.
David Droga of Saatchi & Saatchi London has elaborated further on this. His contribution shows a nice family sitting in front of the television, breathlessly watching the test picture as though that's where all the action is, while the spectacular images by Viktor & Rolf are projected in the window. For the duration of the whole film the family has no idea what is going on outside and when the music is over, the curtain closes by itself.