Hans van Manen (1932, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam

Hans van Manen always wanted to be a dancer. He managed to become a pupil of Sonja Gaskell, but discovered soon that his talent as a choreographer surpassed his dancing ambitions. In 1955 he made Swing, a choreography for the Scapino ballet. It was the prelude for his first independent ballet Feestgericht (1957) which was the starting point of a long and successful career. From 1961 till 1971 he was artistic director and choreographer of the Netherlands Dance Theater and in 1973 he became director/choreographer of the National Ballet in Amsterdam. His work is on the repertory of over fourty international ballet companies. In total he made almost a hundred ballets, of which the National Ballet is still dancing thirty-six.
Van Manen has always been careful with movement, putting emphasis on reduction and invention of passes and gestures. One of his most innovative ballets is Live/Live (1980) in which a dancer is followed by the camera outside of the theatre. In 2000 Hans van Manen received the Erasmus-prize for his entire oeuvre. To use the sound of dancing feet as a music composition for Loud & Clear must be seen as a tribute to the beauty of all the movements he has invented.

Yumiko Takeshima


John M Armleder (1948, Switzerland) lives and works in Geneva

Solo exhibitions, a selection
2002 Seven, new wallpaintings, De Pury & Luxembourg, Zurich
Galleria Massimo de Carlo, Milan
2001 Galerie Issert, Saint Paul de Vence
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg
John M Armleder, Galerie Edition Kunsthandel GMBH, Essen
2000 MoMA, New York (with Pjotr Uklanskii )
1999 At any speed, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden
Mondo Tiki II, Galerie Tanit, Munich
The Box, Turin
Anselm Dreher, Berlin
Ace contemporary exhibitions, Los Angeles
Ace Gallery, New York
Artspace, Auckland
Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam

Group exhibitions, a selection
2002 Malerei ohne malerei, Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig
2001 John M Armleder, Magasin, Grenoble
De Keeshond hapt, Biënnale Leuven, Leuven (B)
L'Esprit de famille, Mamco, Geneva
Art > Music: Rock, Pop, Techno, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, curator: Sue Cramer
Affinités, Le Quartier, Quimpern (Fr)
Floating abstracts, really, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam
2000 Ich ist etwas anderes, Kunstsammlung Nordrein - Westfalen, Düsseldorf
The world is not enough, Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin
L' oeuvre collective, A.M.F., Galerie Sollertis, Toulouse
1999 GS3: Face to face, Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin
Autour de R2/12, Attitudes, Geneva
00, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam
Ace Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles

Rotorura Perpetual Glow Machine, 2002
Co-author Sylvie Fleury


Fastland/Ground founded in 2002, Reykjavik

Fastland/Ground is a young agency at the extreme edge of the habitable part of the world. Internet connections are good. The people are experienced, bright, and happy almost all the time. We have fun, but rarely at the expense of our clients. We love what we do and we try not to fuck up.

Advertising tries to capture and convey imaginative qualities for commercial purposes. We don't always have to comment or intrude. As advertised, Armleder's piece made our minds wander: we thought of war, popcorn, diving, drowning, meditation machines...

So who are we?
Thorvaldur Sverrisson, managing director, Dóra Isleifsdottir, creative director, Styrmir Sigurdsson, director and creative, Haraldur Civelek,creative, Jeff Ramsey, graphic designer, 'Asmundur 'Asmundsson, webdesigner, 'Asmundur Thòrdarson, media, 'Olafur Borgthórsson, controller. And a couple of guys in London, Börkur 'Arnarson and Viggo' Jónsson, creative.

Everyone did their part. We believe people should do what they do best and then get out of the way.

We have friends. Sometimes they get paid, sometimes we cost them.This time we thank Styrmir Sigurdsson (director), G. Magni Agustsson(director of photography), Kjartan Kjartansson (technical assistance), Margret Einarsdottir & Dyrleif Orlygsdottir (costumes), Frida Maria Hardardottir (make-up), and the cast: Matthias M.D.Hemstock, Valgerdur Runarsdottir, Asmundur Pall Asmundsson, Jeffrey C. Ramsey, Gudrun Ragna Sigurjonsdottir, Vala Thorsdottir, Kjartan Kjartansson, Katrin Johnson


Theo Loevendie (1930, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam

Having little affinity with serialism, Theo Loevendie at first sought and found his way in jazz. As a composer/improviser (on soprano and alto saxophone) and leader of the Theo Loevendie Consort he became one of The Netherlands most prominent jazz musicians, his success spreading to other countries as well. A belated entrance into the realm of art-music came in 1968 with the composition Scaramuccia for clarinet and orchestra. Since then he has become a composer whose work has achieved wide recognition and is performed all over the world. He has won many awards.
Loevendie tries to avoid all dogmas of a political, social or musicological nature as these would deflect the composer from the path marked out by his intuition. He has never propagated any ideology that would influence his composing, let alone dictate the rules. This attitude also determines Loevendies point of view regarding tradition and innovation. He says: "Traditions, in my view the many musical traditions that have graced humanity, are valuable because each artist stands, so to speak, on the shoulders of his predecessors to reach greater heights. Innovation is an inevitable and usually unintentional by-product of creative personalities who add something new to the existent. Innovation as an ideology, just like conservatism, is a sign of stagnation." Loevendie has been a professor at The Royal Conservatory in the Hague since 1988 and at the Amsterdam Conservatory since 1995.

Percussion: Johan Faber
Harpsichord:Thora Johansen
Sound engineering: Reynir Thor Finnbogason & Kristin Waage


Pierre Bismuth (1963, France) lives and works in Brussels and London

Solo exhibitions, a selection
2002 Galeria Sonia Rosso, Turin
Galerie Erna Hecey, Luxembourg
2001 CAC, collaboration with Jonathan Monk, Vilnius
Centre d'art contemporain de Brétigny, Brétigny-sur-Orge (FR)
Closed (special guest Jonathan Monk), Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam
2000 Galerie Mot&Van Den Boogaard, Brussels
1999 Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris

Group exhibitions, a selection
2002 2-2-2 and other love stories, Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam
Kunsthalle Basel, Basle Open, Jonanthan Monk (special guest Pierre
Bismuth), Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam
2001 Galerie Christine König, Vienna
Nothing, NGCA, Sunderland
Touring to Contemporary Arts Centre,Vilnius and Rooseum, Malmö
Psychical therapy and Leisure: London based art, Galeria Moriarty, Madrid
This does not last more than one second (Angus Fairhurst with a guest
contribution from Pierre Bismuth), Spacex, Exeter
Biennale di Venezia, Venice
Communicative tubes, Center for Contemporary Art, Linz
2000 Film/video works - Lisson Gallery at 9 Keane Street, Lisson gallery, London
A shot in the head, Lisson gallery, London
Korean biennale, Seoul (curated by Jeremy Millar and Barbara London)
Photopolis, Kanal 20, Brussels
Be seeing you, Centre d'Art Contemporain de Brétigny, Brétigny-sur-Orge
Cinema without walls, Museum Boymans- Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
1999 Cinema, Cinema/Contemporary art and the cinematic experience, Van
Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
Patch work in progress/expositions monographiques, Mamco Musee d'art
moderne et contemporain, Geneva
Selected video works, Galerie Erna Hecey, Luxembourg

Special thanks:
Thijs Kauffmann


Strawberry Frog founded in 1999, Amsterdam
Dylan Ingham (1970, New Zealand) lives and works in Amsterdam

Dylan Ingham is partner and creative director of Strawberry Frog, a semi-virtual agency in Amsterdam. They are positioned between the nationally oriented creative agencies on the one hand, and the multinational dinosaurs on the other. "Its always been the small, the highly focused and the passionate teams who have made things fresh and new happen" he says.
The agency uses new media and technology tools to be able to work daily around the world with staff and clients. Dylan Ingham's previous work includes campaigns for Tango, Guinness and Paramount Comedy Channel. More recently he advised Ericsson and Motorola on future content, new audiences and brand development. At the moment Igham is developing holistic campaigns for such clients as Credit Suisse, IMD, Sprint, Elle.com and Microsoft.

Writer, director: Dylan Ingham
Producer: Chiara Donati
Account: Vanessa Dolan
Actress: Henriette Needers Bronkhorst
Editor: Keith Parsons
Director of photography: Remco Schnorr


Ryuichi Sakamoto (1952, Japan) lives and works in New York

Ryuichi Sakamoto has made a career of crossing musical and technological boundaries. Sakamoto has experimented with many different musical styles, making a name for himself in popular, orchestral and film music. As a founding member of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), Sakamoto's film work includes Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, The Last Emperor, The Sheltering Sky and, most recently, Brian DePalma's Femme Fatale.
This year Sakamoto joined his frequent collaborators Jaques and Paula Morelenbaum at the home of the late Antonio Carlos Jobim (the master of Brazilian bossa nova) in Rio to record Casa, a collection of hidden treasures and some previously unrecorded material written by Jobim under the group name Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto. Casa was released in August, 2002 by Sony Classical. "The whole experience was spiritual, as if Tom's spirit came into me through the fingerprints on the keys of his piano" he says. "During one of the recordings at his house a bird suddenly sang in the middle of the song. We all thought that was Tom."
With Ryuichi Sakamoto the only constant is change. The sheer breadth of musical styles he explores - even within one album - is central to his being as an artist. He feels no need to exist within musical boundaries, and he celebrates tearing them down. "This global view of different cultures is just part of my nature. I want to break down the walls between genres, categories, or cultures. Instead of building walls or borders, I always try to combine different things. To me, it's challenging and exciting."

Composer and musician
Ryuichi Sakamoto


Marlene Dumas (1953, South Africa), lives and works in Amsterdam

Solo exhibitions, a selection
2002 Name no Names, De Pont, Tilburg, (NL)
Name no Names, New Museum, New York
2001 Nom de Personne/Name no Names, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
100 Models and Endless Rejects, I.C.A., Boston
2000 Marlene Dumas: MD, Camden Arts Center, London
1999 MD-Light, MUHKA, Antwerp

Group exhibitions, a selection
2001 The Contemporary Face: From Pablo Picasso to Alex Katz, Deichtorhallen,
2000 12th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney
strippinggirls, SMAK, Ghent
Das Gedächtnis Der Malerei, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau (CH)
1999 Regarding Beauty, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington DC

My daughter, 2002
Post production:
Julian de Keijzer (50 FPS)
Editor and executive producer:
Alex Mar


KesselsKramer founded in 1996, Amsterdam, by Erik Kessels and Johan Kramer

Erik Kessels (1966, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam

Since 1996 Erik Kessels is creative director of KesselsKramer, an international advertising and communication agency. At this moment, around 30 people work at their office, a former church on the Lauriergracht. Half of them are Dutch, the other half have roots in China, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Scotland, England, Sweden and the United States. Kessels gained international success with campaigns for Nike, Audi, Levis, Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, ONVZ, Het Parool, Ben, Bol.com, Heineken, The Coffee Company and Diesel. He is seen as one of the most original creatives in the international advertisement scene. Part of his philosophy is crossing borders between art and advertisement. He asks artists for campaigns and moves around different areas himself. Recently he curated Dutch Delight, the opening show of FOAM, edited the books In almost every picture and was asked by the Dutch Post Office to design a series of stamps.

Solo exhibitions, a selection
2002 Curator Dutch Delight, FOAM, Amsterdam
Useful Photography #2, Galerie W139, Amsterdam
In Almost every Picture, Galerie RAS, Barcelona
In Almost every Picture, Fotofestival Rencontres, Arles
2001 Useful Photography #1, NFI, Rotterdam
Useful Photography #1, Galerie Fototheek, Antwerp
1999 The Instant Men, Art Book, Amsterdam

Group exhibitions, a selection
2002 Art in Ads, Galerie de Meerse, Hoofddorp (NL)
2001 The best of European Advertising, Puck Building, New York
Best verzorgde boeken, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
2000 Curator PANL Exhibition, Lisbon
Do create, Salone di Mobile, Milan
1999 Designprijs Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans- van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Smaak, Bonnefanten museum, Maastricht
De Bijenkorf, Arnhem
Shopping bags, Carnaby Street, London

My sister, 2002
Francine van der Lee/KesselsKramer
Jacques de Koning
Post production:
Julian de Keijzer/50 FPS


Steamboat Switzerland founded in 1997, Zurich

With their strange mix of hardcore rock, free improvisation and contemporary composition Steamboat Switzerland toured Europe and Northern America since 1998 very successfully. Making optimal use of their varied musical educations and careers, the trio traced the ancestry of Swiss Art Brut master Adolf Woelfli (1864-1930) and developed their musical language in the direction of spontaneously confronting multi-idiomatic modules - descending from on the one hand (post-)serialistic structures and on the other noise-core power grooves - with free textures.
They perform at festivals, in concert halls and in museums of contemporary art in various contexts including Jazz, Rock, Avantgarde, Improvisation and New Music. Their first CD Live (Unit 4104, 1998) was received very well. Besides the usual concept of written structures interacting with impovised textures, their current repertoire features British composer Sam Hayden's tremendous composition 'dB[I-VII]' (premiered at Gaudeamus 99).
Steamboat Switzerland received the Music Award 2000 of the City of Zurich and last year released two new CDs Budapest and 'ac/dB[hayden]', both on the Cologne-based label GROB.

Steamboat Switzerland
Prepared amplified piano, KORG MS 20, Leslie speaker:
Dominik Blum (1964, Switzerland)
Prepared amplified classical guitar:
Marino Pliakas (1964, Switzerland)
Drums, percussion:
Lucas Niggli (1968, Switzerland)

Hans Martin Müller and Christian Heck of Loft/Cologne, Dan Suter of Echochamber/Zurich, Peer Seemann


Pierre Huyghe (1962, France) lives and works in Paris

Solo exhibitions, a selection
2002 Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz
2001 Le Chateau de Turing, Pavillion
Francais, Biennale di Venezia, Venice
Interludes, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
Even More Real Than You, Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
2000 Tramway, Glasgow
Musée d'Art Contemporain, Montréal
Kunstverein Hamburg, Hamburg
Galerie Shipper & Krome, Berlin
The Third Memory, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
Two Minutes Out of Time, Galerie Marian Goodman, Paris
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
The Third Memory, Renaissance
Society, Chicago
Kunsthalle Zürich, Zurich
1999 Museu de arte Contemporunea de Serralves, Porto
Some Negociations, Kunstverein München, Munich
Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica
L'ellipse, Index, the Swedish
Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm
Le proces du temps libre, Wiener Secession,Vienna
Motion Study, a choreography, INOVA, Institute of Visual Arts, Milwaukee

Group exhibitions, a selection
2002 Documenta 11, Kassel
Shoot the Singer, Music on Video, Institute of Contemporary Art,
University of Pennsylvania,
2000 Conversation: Recent acquisitions of the Van Abbemuseum,
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
Academy of Fine Arts, Athens
Presentness is grace, Arnolfini, Bristol
In many ways the exhibition already happened, ICA, London
The Gift: Generous Offerings,
Palazzo delle Papesse, Sienne
Forms follow fiction, Castello di
Rivoli, Turin
Animations, P.S.1, New York
International Istanbul Biennale,
Yokohama 2001: International
Triennale of Contemporary Art, Yokohama
Birmingham, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Dèvoler, Institut d'art contemporain, Villeurbanne (FR)
Double Life, Generali Foundation,
Vivement 2002, Mamco, Geneva
Exploding Cinema/Cinema without walls, Museum Boijmans- van
Beuningen, Rotterdam
2000 Vicinato 2, Galerie Neugerriemschneider, Berlin
Voil, ARC Musèe d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris
Let's Entertain, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis/Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris/Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg
Le jeu des 7 familles, MAMCO, Geneva
As it is, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Dial 33 then 1, Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
1999 Carnegie International, The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg
Close Ups, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen
Moving Images, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig
Hitchcock, Art, Cinema and Suspense, Museum of Modern Art Oxford, Oxford Travelling exhibition
Soggettivit e narrazione, Castello Di Rivoli, Turin
Díapertutto, 48. Biennale di Venezia, Venice
Remakes, Le Parvis/Centre d'art
contemporain, Tarbes (FR)
So Far Away, So Close, Encore
Bruxelles, Brussels
Liverpool Billboard Project, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool
Cinema, Cinema, Contemporary Art and the Cinematic Experience, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven


Tyler Whisnand (1968, United States) lives and works in Amsterdam

2002 KesselsKramer, Amsterdam
In almost every picture
Hayden Jacob Whisnand,
It can't get any worse, but we'll do our best
2000 Ground Zero Advertising,
New York
Super pure water from Norway
1999 Ben phone book
Check in, Check out
BBDOAsia, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Citizens exhibited Oil City, Hong Kong
What on Earth is Going On?
Cole Stockwell Whisnand,
New York

1999 COLORS magazine, Treviso, Italy,
2002 31 water, 32 night, 40 trash, 43 elderly, 45 fucture, 46 volunteers, 48 school, 49 tours

1998 Do future
1997 Married Suki Diamond
do 84
I not included
1996 KesselsKramer, Amsterdam
Now Even Less Service
Are you re-tuned
1994 Faces in the Metro
In touch on Air
1991 Young & Rubicam Advertising New York

Moment no, 2002
d.o.p.: Bert Haitsma
Production: Francine van der Lee (KesselsKramer)
Post production: Julian Keijzer (50 FPS)


Haukur Tòmasson (1960, Iceland) lives and works in Reykjavik

After his graduation in composition at the Reykjavik College of Music Haukur Tòmasson continued to study in Cologne, Amsterdam and at the University of California, San Diego. Among his composition teachers were Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson, Atli Heimir Sveinsson, Ton de Leeuw, Roger Reynolds and Brian Ferneyhough. Tòmassons earliest composition, Spiral (1992), is considered a vivid example of inventive lyricism, with its rich use of flute, harpsichord, oboe and vibes. One of his later works, Stemma, was described by music critic David Lewis as an evocative tone poem that confirms why Tòmasson is that rarity - an inventive composer with a pop diva's touch.
Besides a large body of chamber music,
Tòmassons work includes five orchestral pieces, two concertos and several pieces for the theatre. Tòmasson has received numerous commissions and his music is widely performed. His composition Spiral was nominated for the Nordic Councils Music Prize in 1995 and his orchestral piece Strati won the Icelandic National Broadcasting System Music Prize in 1993. Other prizes include the 1996 Bröste Optimistic Prize and the 1998 Icelandic Music Award.

Cello: Eduard van Regteren Altena

Sound engineering
Reynir Thor Finnbogason and Christin Waage


Yayoi Kusama (1929, Japan) lives and works in Tokyo

Solo exhibitions, a selection
2001 Maison de la Culture du Japon, Paris
2000 Serpentine Gallery, London
Le Consortium, Dijon
1999 Yayoi Kusama: beyond my illusion, Media of Modern Art Le Contemporary Gallery, Fukuoka
In full bloom: Yayoi Kusama, years in Japan, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
MoMa, New York
Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles

Group exhibitions, a selection
2001 Triennale de Yokohama,
2000 Sydney Biennale, Sydney

Kusama participates in various activities other than art, such as photographic collaboration with photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, an appearance in the film Topaz written and directed by writer Ryu Murakami, and collaboration with musician Peter Gabriel and fashion designer Issey Miyake.


Jung von Matt founded in 1991, Hamburg
Oliver Voss (1966, Germany) lives and works in Hamburg

2001 Creative Managing Director, Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg

1999 Creative Managing Director, Jung von Matt/Isar, Munich

1996-1998 Copywriter, Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam

1994-1996 Copywriter, Jung von Matt, Hamburg

1992-1993 Copywriter, Deutsch Advertising, New York

1989-1991 Copywriter, Robert Pütz Advertising, Cologne

1986-1988 Junior Copywriter, Rahmel & Partner, Cologne


Gudni Franzson (1961, Iceland) lives and works in Reykjavik

Gudni Franzson studied clarinet and composition at Reykjavik College of Music. He has performed solo throughout Europe, Brazil, Canada and the former Soviet Union and has recorded a number of CD's.
He is a cofounder and artistic director of CAPUT, an ensemble for contemporary music, which is very active in the international contemporary music scene. "We have noticed a change in peoples perceptions of Iceland and the music being produced here in recent years," he says "By believing in her own ideas, Björk has managed to create her own personal style and give us all hope in the process." Formed in a fast food outlet in Reykjavik in 1987, CAPUT has grown to include a membership of over 20 musicians, vocalists and dancers. The composition of the group is always fluid and continually changing. A CAPUT performance can range from a solo set by a single member to a full orchestral improvisation with over 30 guests barely corralled by the attempts of a conductor. In CAPUT's own compositions, Franzson acknowledges the use of new technology in the creation of more classical pieces. CAPUT was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize both in 1996 and 1998.
Gudni Franzson has also written music for numerous theatre and dance productions, for children and for unconventional instruments. He has been active on the dance and theatre scene and works with groups like Pars Pro Toto and Bandamenn. Recently Franzson played the role of a dog in Independent People, a six hour long play produced by the Icelandic National Theatre.

Ceramic pipes: Gudni Franzson
Double bass: Robert Thórhallsson


Aernout Mik (1962, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam

Solo exhibitions, a selection
2002 Reversal Room, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Am in the LAM, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik
Flock, Fundacio Miro, Barcelona
2001 Domaine de Kerguéhennec, Bignan (FR)
Reversal Room, The Powerplant, Toronto
Middlemen, Carlier/Gebauer, Berlin
2000 Primal Gestures, Minor Roles, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven Simulantengang, Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel
Tender Habitat, Jean Paul Slusser Gallery, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
3 Crowds, ICA, London
1999 Small Disasters, Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam
Projektraum, Museum Ludwig, Cologne
Softer Catwalk in Collapsing Rooms, Galerie Gebauer, Berlin

Group exhibitions, a selection
2002 The Museum, the Collection, the Director and his Loves, MMK,
Geld und Wert, das letzte Tabu, EXPO 02, Biel (CH)
Stories; Erzählstrukturen in der zeitgenóssischen Kunst, Haus der Kunst,
Tableaux vivants, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
2001 Exploding Cinema/Cinema without Walls, Museum Boijmans- van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Berlin Biennale 2, Berlin
The Peoples Art,Witte de With,Rotterdam
Squatters, Museum Serralves, Porto
Post-Nature, Dutch Pavillion, Biennale di Venezia, Venice
Future land.com, Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach
Yokohama Triennale, Yokohama Loop-Alles auf Anfang, Kunsthalle der
HypoKulturstiftung, Germany and PS1 Contemporary Art Center, New York
WonderWorld, Kleines Helmhaus, Zurich
2000 Territory, Tokyo City Opera Gallery, Tokyo
Desperate Optimists, Festival a/d Werf (curated by Moritz Küng), Utrecht
Still Moving, Contemporary Photography, Film and Video from the
Netherlands, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
1999 A Touch of Evil, Metronom, Barcelona
Nur wasser lasst sich leichter schneiden, Neumühlen, Hamburg
Hollandkindergartenjapanbondage (curated by Camiel van Winkel),
De Vleeshal, Middelburg (NL)
EXTRAetORDINAIRE, le Printemps de Cahors, Cahors
Panorama 2000, Centraal Museum, Utrecht
Posttragikomik, Palazzo-Delle Papese, Sienne
In All the Wrong Places, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa
Spread, Galerie Index, Stockholm

Directing assistance:
Marjoleine Boonstra, Maria Sigurdardóttir
Hreidar Thór Björnsson, Jóhan Jóhannsson, Thorgeir
Gudmundsson, Asgeir Gudmundsson
Steinthòr Birgisson
Special thanks to:
Tumi Magnússon and Ragnhildur


Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam office opened in 1991

Wieden & Kennedy is an independent advertisement agency that exists to create strong and provocative relations between companies and consumers.
They have offices in Portland, New York, London, Tokyo and Amsterdam.

Jon Matthews (1958, Great Britain) lives and works in Amsterdam, Nirit Peled (1973,
Israel) lives and works in Amsterdam.

Jon Matthews is creative director at Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam. The agency's clients include Nike, Siemens, Vodafone, Hypovereinsbank and EA Sports.

Nirit Peled is a visual artist/film director. She has been active within the fields of film, animation, photography, installations and interactive design. Besides her work for commercial clients such as MTV, Nike and Levis, she has created work within a wide range of arts organisations (among others W139 Gallery, Amsterdam; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; De Melkweg, Amsterdam, and V2, Rotterdam).
Nirit regularly VJ's in clubs and at music festivals throughout Europe.


Caroline Berkenbosch (1966, The Netherlands) lives and works in Bunnik (NL)

1986-1987 Theatre School, Amsterdam

1989-1992 Conservatory Utrecht (teacher Henk Alkema)

1992-1996 Conservatory The Hague(teacher Louis Andriessen)

Works, a selection
1995 Druk for tuba, piano and string trio
1997 Monument 2, for orchestra
1997 Monument 5, for orchestra
1998 Monument 17, for orchestra, organ and chorus
1998 Monument 16, for (entire Doelen-) ensemble
1998 Monument 16, for orchestra
1999 Monument 11, for orchestra
1999 Monument 21, for orchestra
2000 Monument 8, for orchestra and violin

Lullaby, 2002, 1:53

Composer and musician
Caroline Berkenbosch
Caroline Berkenbosch
+ birdsounds


Pipilotti Rist (1962, Switzerland), lives and works in Zurich and Los Angeles

Solo Exhibitions, a selection
2002 Shiseido Foundation, cur. Keiko
Toyoda, Tokyo
2001 Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia, cur. Rafael Doctor Roncero, Madrid
PADT, The 4th Wall, cur. Sandra Percival, London
Centraal Museum, cur. Ranti Tjan, Utrecht
Tramway, cur. Alexia Holt, Glasgow
The Contemporary Arts Center, Scopophilia, cur. Sue Spaid, Cincinnati
2000 Musée des Beaux-Arts, cur. Stéphane Aquin, Montréal
Open My Glade a project for Times Square, Public Art Fund, cur. Tom Eccles,
New York (with homepage: http://www.squaretimes.net)
1999 Wolfgang Hahn Preis, Museum Ludwig, cur. Peter Allmann, Cologne
Remake of the Weekend (french), cur. Laurence Bossé, Paris
Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
Remake of the Weekend à la zurichoise, Kunsthalle Zürich, cur. Bernhard
Bürgi, Zurich

Group Exhibitions, a selection
2002 Shanghai Biennale, cur. Yuko Hasegawa a.o., Shanghai Tempo, cur. Paulo
Herkenhoff, Museum of Modern Art MOMA, New York
Pinakothek der Moderne, cur. Dr. Bernhard Schwenk, Munich
2001 Televisions - Kunst sieht fern
Kunsthalle Wien, cur. Joshua Decter, Vienna
Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama
International Triennale of Contemporary Art, cur. Shinji a.o., Yokohama
A Room Of Their Own: from Arbus to Gober, LA Moca, Los Angeles
2000 Media-city 2000, City vision: Electronic Billboard Project, cur. Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Seoul


*S,C,P,F...is an advertising agency. Just that.
We are said to be different from the rest, but that is difficult to show.
Maybe it's because of our obsessions.
Not believing that consumers are as stupid as they say, for example.
Believing that we have an enormous responsibility, as we speak to a lot of
people, and that makes us think a lot about what we say.
Loving this work, although it's not the same as drumming in a jazz club or
painting pictures.
Looking for what's different, wherever it is out there, convinced that is
precisely our work.
It is something that obsesses us so much that it led us to create
milmilks*, an experimental initiative involved in financing projects
related to communication, but which have nothing to do with advertising,
and that are developed entirely within our offices, at our side. What for?
To learn from others, and to browse through the mechanisms and habits that
are different from our own, to contaminate ourselves with other viruses, to
avoid being exclusively fed on advertising. To flee from inbreeding and
For that same reason our team is made up of people from a wide variety of
nationalities (and cultures). That's also why there are no walls in our
Maybe it's things like these that make some people think we are a different
kind of advertising agency.
But an advertising agency nevertheless.

CREDITS: The involvement of *S,C,P,F...in the Bifrons Foundation's Loud &
Clear project was achieved with active contributions from Patricia Lujan, Carlitos,
Rafael Montilla, Bet Roig-Serra, Philippe Rouger and Toni Segarra.


Toek Numan (1971, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam

Toek Numan studied composition with Geert van Keulen at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. He plays clarinet, saxophone and piano and began composing at the age of eightteen.
In 1996 Toek Numan made his debut on Dutch television with Burnout, commissioned by VPRO Television and written for Combustion Chamber. A year later he composed Tovertuin for Het Amsterdams Kwintet and in 1998 he wrote Il Giocoliere Errante for the Asko Ensemble. For the latter Toek Numan received the Encouragement Music Prize 1999 of the City of Amsterdam. Since then, he has worked with musicians and ensembles such as Tomoko Mukaiyama, Ren Eckhardt, Orkest De Volharding, Dutch Wind Ensemble, Ensemble De Ereprijs, Calefax and Noord Nederlands Orkest. One of the highlights was Maantuin (2001), premiered by the orchestra New Sinfonietta Amsterdam in the big hall of the Concertgebouw during the Holland Festival 2001.
In addition to concert music, Toek Numan has written several soundtracks for short movies such as Johnny (1997) by young film-director Dylan de Jong. He also collaborated with dancer/performer David Lakein in the performances Breakfast (1996), The Phenomenology of Ennui (1996), and Chapiera (2000).

Percussion: Johan Faber
Cello: Eduard van Regteren Altena
Bass guitar: Robert Thórhallsson
Harpsichord: Thora Johansen

Sound engineering
Reynir Thor Finnbogason & Kristin Waage


Viktor Horsting, (1969, The Netherlands) & Rolf Snoeren, (1969, The Netherlands) , work and live in Amsterdam

Solo exhibitions, a selection
2000 Viktor & Rolf, Visionaire Gallery,
New York
1999 Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture, Groninger Museum, Groningen

Group exhibitions, a selection
2001 Yokohama Triennale, Yokohama
2000 La Beauté, Mission de l'an 2000 en France, Avignon
1999 Visions of the body, Museum of
Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Exposing meaning in fashion through presentation, Brooklyn Brigde,
Anchorage NY

Fashion shows
2002 Ready to Wear F/W 2002-2003 collection 5, Bluescreen collection
2001 Ready to Wear S/S 2002 collection 4, White collection
Ready to Wear F/W 2001-2002 collection 3, Black Hole collection
2000 Ready to Wear S/S 2001 collection 2, There's no business like show
business collection
Defile Haute Couture Winter 2000-2001, Bell-collection
Ready to Wear F/W 2000-2001 collection 1, Stars and Stripes collection
1999 Defile Haute Couture Winter 1999-2000, Russian Doll
Defile Haute Couture summer 1999, Blacklight show


Saatchi and Saatchi London
David Droga (1968, Australia) lives and works in London

After graduating from the Australian Writer & Art Director College in 1987, David Droga joined OMON as a copywriter. He was also their very first employee.

In the years that followed OMON not only became Australia's fastest growing agency, it also received the most awards.

In 1993 David was promoted to Joint Creative Director. The following year OMON was named Australian Agency of the Year.

In 1996 David joined Saatchi & Saatchi Asia as Executive Creative Director of the Singapore agency and Regional Creative Director of the entire Asia region. He was also given a seat on the worldwide creative board. In just over two years, the Singapore office became the network's most awarded creative agency.

In 1998 the Singapore agency was named 'Ad Age' International Agency of the Year.

At the beginning of 1999 David was promoted to Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi London.


Yello founded in 1980, Zurich

In 1979 Dieter Meier and Boris Blank were introduced to each other in a record shop in Zurich. Soon after they set up a small recording studio in Zurich's Rote Fabrik, a haven for struggling artists, and began to experiment. Strange gorilla grunts were coupled with a Latin Cha-Cha beat on a primitive synthesizer, and the duo Yello was born. No one had any idea that they would become Switzerland's most successful modern music group, nor that they would still be together 21 years later.
With a stroke of luck, Yello released their first album Solid Pleasure on the independent label Ralph Records in the US. Later they were picked up by Polygram/Universal and in 1985 the album Stella became an international hit. Yello has produced ten successful albums since then and Hollywood also became interested in what the group had to offer. Oh Yeah became a classic after it was played in Paramount's Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Race, which was written for Germany's Formula 1 television program and Tied Up have also had similar success. Disney commissioned them to write music for the film The Santa Clause and by now Hollywood has used Yello's songs in over 30 movies.
The rock intelligentsia call Yello The Godfathers of Techno because so many DJs and producers have continued to remix their songs during the '90s rave era. In 1995, Carl Craig, Westbam, The Orb, Carl Cox and Moby paid their respect to the Swiss duo with the mix project Hands on Yello which contained new versions of Yello classics. However, Yello is not bound to the confines of techno. Shirley Bassey recorded The Rhythm Divine with them and still performs this song on tour.

Music composed, arranged and engineered by:
Boris Blank
Music published by:
Warner/chapel Music GmbH
Boris Blank appears courtesy of Mercury Records GmbH,
a Universal Music Company


Gillian Wearing (1963, Great Britain) lives and works in London

2001 La Caixa Madrid, ARC, Paris
2000 Regen Projects, Los Angeles
Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati
Serpentine Gallery, London
Gorney Bravin+Lee, New York
1999 Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris
Drunk, De Vleeshal, Middelburg (NL)
Maureen Paley Interim Art, London

Group Exhibitions, a selection
2001 Inner State of Health: The Person in the Mirror of Contemporary Art, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein,
Milano Europa 2000, Palazzo dellaTriannale, Milan
Confidence pour confidence, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Video Evidence, Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton
Film Festival Rotterdam, Museum
Boijmans- van Beuningen Rotterdam
Century City, Tate Modern, London
2000 Autowerke, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
Intelligence: New British Art 2000, Tate Britain, London
Puerile '69, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík
Tate Modern Collection, Tate Modern, London
Sydney Biennial, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Docudrama, Bury St. Edmunds Art Gallery, Bury St. Edmunds (GB)
Tate Britain Collection, Tate Gallery, London
Let's Entertain, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and touring
Quotidiana, Castello di Rivoli, Turin
Makeshift, ArtPace, San Antonio, Texas
1999 Rewind to the Future, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn
and Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin
People, Le Spot, contemporary art centre, Le Havre
Hundstage, Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
The Viewing Room, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City
This Other World of Ours, TV Gallery, Moscow
Rattling the Frame: The Photographic Space 1974-1999, SF Camerawork,
San Francisco
La Coscienza Luccicante, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome
6th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul
Garden of Eros, Centre Cultural Tecla Sala, Barcelona
Common People, Fondazione
Sandretto re
Rebaudengo per l'Arte, Turin
Sweetie: Female Identity in British Video, The British School at Rome
Searchlight: Consciousness at the Millennium, The California College
of Arts and Crafts, Oakland
Private Room/Public Space, Centrum Hedendaagse Kunst, Almere (NL)

Director: Gillian Wearing
Camera: Vron Harris
Make up & Prosthetics: Crawley Creatures
Dress Print Design: Philip Delamore
Dressmaker: Sue Bradley
Editing: Kathy Kenny CFS


NEW® agency was founded in 2002 in Stockholm by Pontus Frankenstein, Martin Renck, Johan Sandberg and Henrik Timonen

Pontus Frankenstein (1970, Sweden) lives and works in Stockholm

NEW® commissions range from advertising and concept development to brand communication and graphic design. New® acts as a creative task-force, docking with clients and agencies to solve communicative ideas for youth brands.

Swedish born art director Pontus Frankenstein graduated from Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm in 1996. After a brief stop at the New York Film Academy and working as an AD at Swedish agencies Garbergs and Bomberos DDB, he founded the advertising agency AMPM/Acne Family in 2000. Other members in the Acne collective were Acne Action Jeans and Acne Film as well as the subsidiaries, Netbabyworld and Elektron. In August 2001 AMPM merged with Acne International to form Acne Creative where Pontus continued as Creative Director until August 2002.

He has lectured and debated within the areas of education, art, design and fashion for among others Modern Museum Stockholm, Swedish Style Council and Hallo Academy in Amsterdam.


Yan Jun + fm3 + Dou Wei

Yan Jun was born in Lanzhou, China, in 1973 and currently lives and works in Beijing. Graduated in Chinese Language & Literature at Northwest Normal University in 1995. He is a performer, poet and organizer and a leading member of the Chinese underground sound/music scene. He released five books and/or anthological essays on musical topics and two books with collected poems. Via his own label he released an album with his own sound-poems and four live recordings in collaboration with others. Runs two well-known labels: Sub Jam label and Kwan Yin label.

Yan Jun has been described as one of the most important music critics in China.

Selected performances

2004 2pi Festival, Hangzhou, China

2004 '1000 Revolutions per Second', Brussels, with Wu Quan (visual artist)

2004 'Nuit Blanche', Paris, with fm3 and Wu Quan

2004 DDM Warehouse Art Center, Shanghai, with Christiaan and Wu Quan

2004 Com Plus Cafe & Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

2003 'Impossible', All Sages Book Store, Beijing

2003 'Boiling Dusk', Vibes, Beijing

2002 'Sparta' novel-reading drama, All Sages Book Store, Beijing, with Wang Fan and other artists and writers

Fm3 is China's leading electronic act. Founded in early 1999 by Sichuan computer musician Zhang Jian and classically trained punk composer Christiaan Virant, fm3 pioneered digital music in China and remains on the cutting-edge of sound experimentation. Working on the losing edge of perception, fm3 weaves traditional Chinese folk music into a subtle, organic soundscape.

Christiaan Virant is a Beijing based sound artist and musician. Active in the Chinese punk underground for nearly a decade, he founded the pioneering experimental electronic act fm3 in 1999. Since then, fm3 has evolved into one of Asia's leading avant-garde duos, performing at the Louvre and at leading underground venues across Europe. Virant records for Berlin's legendary Staalplaat label, and has also released music on Bip-Hop records in France, Nascente records in the UK and Sublime Frequencies in the United States.

Zhang Jian was born in 1970 in Sichuan province, China. He graduated from Accessorial Middle School of Sichuan Music Institute, majoring in piano, moved to Beijing in 1995 and joined the front line of China's rock scene. Zhang Jian recorded for innumerable rock albums and composed for theatre plays and films. As keyboard player he joined important rock/new music bands in Beijing. He is a member of China's electronic music pioneer band fm3 and Bu Yi Ding, one of China's leading jazz groups.

Fm3 performed in Maerz Musik Festival, Berlin, Dissonanze Festival, Rome, Sounding Beijing, Beijing, Garage Festival, Stralsund, Nuit Blanche, Paris, Impakt Festival, Utrecht. Recently Zhang Jian released a field recording album on Sublime Frequencies label and a live recording album on Kwan Yin label.

Dou Wei, was born in Beijing, 1969. He is one of the most famous icons of the Chinese rock scene in 90's and is now one of the busiest leaders in China’s new music scene. He performs and records for different music projects: as founder and drummer of the jazz band Bu Yi Ding, as instrumentalist and programmer for the neo-traditional ambient band Mu Liang Wen Wang and as drummer and keyboard player in collaboration with the experimental electronic duo fm3. In 2004, Dou Wei released 7 solo and collaborative albums on smaller and major labels in China.


Music recording and editing: Zhang Jian



Anna Blume1937

born in Bork/Westphalia1960 – 1965
studied at Düsseldorf Staatliche Kunstakademie
since 1980 photographic performances with Bernhard Johannes Blume
lives and works in Cologne and Hamburg

Bernhard J. Blume1937

born in Dortmund1960 – 1965
studied at Düsseldorf Staatliche Kunstakademie
since 1980 close artistic cooperation with Anna Blume
since 1987 professor for art and applied arts at Hamburg Hochschule für Bildende Künstelives and works in Cologne and Hamburg


Todd Schulz/ Titus von Lilien

The publicity agency International was founded in Berlin in 2003 by Todd Schulz and Axel Pfennigschmidt. The two have worked in leading positions with important international agencies. International started with four current staff members, with whom it also produced a global iconic TV spot for Coca-Cola Atlanta.
The agency works with a group of so called ‘Associates‘, international creatives who are among the most outstanding in the market and who join the group for a certain period of creative development and production.

Todd Schulz (1958, Germany) and Titus von Lilien (1973, Germany ) live and work in Berlin.
Todd Schulz is creative director and owner at International. His commercial background includes positions at agencies such as BBDO Düsseldorf (Minolta Cameras, BUNTE Magazine), Leagas Delaney London (Adidas, Nintendo N64), Leagas Delaney Germany; Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam (Vodafone, Siemens Mobile, HypoVereinsbank, Goretex) .

Titus von Lilien (1973, Germany) is art director at International. He joined the agency in 2004. Von Lilien had never worked in advertising before, but was deeply fascinated by the agency’s instant karma. After graduating from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne he has pursued an interdisciplinary path mainly in the field of fashion. He is arts editor for Qvest Magazine and has directed several music clips and short films and is also active as a sculptor.


Invitation for wedding ceremony: Mrs. Gesa Jauck

Married couple: Liv and Christian von Oppen

Mobile phone camera: Titus von Lilien/International Berlin



Alex Fahl

was born in Frankfurt in 1976. He lives and works in Berlin.

Fahl operates in the overlapping space between art, music and digital culture. His music is produced digitally and synthetically, making use of extensive appropriation and sampling. In addition to his own complex arrangements of electronica (a range of sound that is as disturbing as it is seductive), he collaborates closely with the artist Candice Breitz, applying his musical engineering to the development and post-production of her multi-channel video installations.

Fahl also collaborates with Florian Wachinger as Opelzoo . He was responsible, along with Ben Lauber of Transporterraum, for the compilation and mastering of Earworm (Ten Songs from Beyond ), 2002. He has made soundtracks for experimental films by Jorinde Voigt ( Rote Sequenzen ) and Janne Schäfer ( The Gospel of the Golden Dolphin ), and was recently given an award for Best Soundtrack at the Schrägspur International Video Festival



Candice Breitz

Born in Johannesburg, 1972. Based in Berlin

Solo Exhibitions

2005 Castello di Rivoli (Turin)
Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
White Cube (London)
Sonnabend Gallery (New York)
2004 Moderna Museet (Stockholm)
FACT / Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (Liverpool)
2003 Modern Art Oxford (Oxford)
Galerie Max Hetzler (Berlin)
2002 ArtPace Foundation (San Antonio)
2001 De Appel Foundation (Amsterdam)
O.K Center for Contemporary Art Upper Austria (Linz)
Kunstverein St. Gallen Kunstmuseum (St. Gallen)
Galerie Johnen & Schöttle (Cologne)
Galleria Francesca Kaufmann (Milan)
2000 Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève (Geneva)
New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York)

Group Exhibitions

2005 51st Venice Biennale – The Experience of Art – Venice
Kunsthalle Wien - Superstars - Vienna
Milwaukee Art Museum – CUT: Film as Found Object – Milwaukee
Zwirner + Wirth Gallery – Girls on Film – New York
Armand Hammer Museum – Fair Use – Los Angeles
2004 Henry Art Gallery – The Work of the Work - Seattle
Queensland Art Gallery - Video Hits – Brisbane
Villa Arson – Shake – Nice
2003 Kunsthalle Nürnberg - fuckin' trendy – Nürnberg
Govett-Brewster Art Museum - Extended Play: Art Remixing Music – New Zealand
Dundee Contemporary Arts – Plunder – Dundee
Tate Liverpool - Remix: Contemporary Art and Pop – Liverpool
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo - Continuity + Transgression – Tokyo
ZKM – Iconoclash: Image-Making in Science, Religion & Art – Karlsruhe
Hamburger Kunsthalle - Schrägspur – Hamburg
Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain - Vidéo Topiques – Strasbourg
Studio Museum in Harlem - Africaine - New York
2001 Kunsthalle Wien - Tele[Visions] – Vienna
Museum Fridericianum – Looking at You – Kassel
2000 Taipei Biennale 2000 - The Sky is the Limit! – Taipei
Kwangju Biennale Korea 2000 - Man + Space – Kwangju
Kunstverein München - The Wounded Diva – Munich





founded in 1996, Amsterdam , by Erik Kessels and Johan Kramer
Erik Kessels (1966, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam

Since 1996 Erik Kessels is creative director of KesselsKramer, an international advertising and communication agency. At this moment, around 36 people work at their office, a former church on the Lauriergracht. Half of them are Dutch, the other half have roots in China, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Scotland, England, Sweden and the United States. Kessels gained international success with campaigns for Absolut Wodka, The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Lipton Ice Tea, Ben, Bol.com, 55DSL and Diesel. He is seen as one of the most original creatives in the international advertisement scene. Part of his philosophy is crossing borders between art and advertisement. He asks artists for campaigns and moves around different areas himself. Recently he curated the exhibition ‘Confrontation’ which was shown in Institut Néerlandais Paris and FOAM, edited the books ‘In Almost Every Picture’ and was asked by Magnum Photos to edit and curate the book and exhibition ‘Magnum sees Piemonte’.

Exhibition Curation,a selection

2005 Magnum sees Piemonte, (amongst others) Frankfurt , Alicante & Paris

2004 Confrontation, Institut Néerlandais Parijs, Foam, Amsterdam

2002 Curator Dutch Delight, FOAM, Amsterdam

2000 Curator PANL Exhibition, Lisbon


Solo exhibitions, a selection

2005 In Almost Every Picture#1, Agnes B, Paris

2004 In Almost Every Picture #2, Dutch Photo museum, Rotterdam

2002 Useful Photography #2, Galerie W139, Amsterdam

In Almost Every Picture, Galerie RAS, Barcelona

In Almost Every Picture, Fotofestival Rencontres , Arles

2001 Useful Photography #1, NFI, Rotterdam

Useful Photography #1, Galerie Fototheek, Antwerp

1999 The Instant Men, Art Book, Amsterdam

Group exhibitions, a selection

2005 Useful Photography, Photo Antwerp

2003 Remind, Breda Photo-de Beyerd, Breda

Loud&Clear, Baltic Museum , Gateshead

Useful Photography, Photo festival Rencontres , Arles

2002 Art in Ads, Galerie de Meerse, Hoofddorp (NL)

2001 The best of European Advertising, Puck Building , New York

Best verzorgde boeken, Stedelijk Museum , Amsterdam

Do create, Salone di Mobile, Milan

1999 Designprijs Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans- van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Smaak, Bonnefanten museum, Maastricht


Chiel Meijering

Born in 1954, Amsterdam

Chiel Meijering studied at the Amsterdams Sweelinck Conservatorium and studied composition with Ton de Leeuw, instrumentation with Geert van Keulen and percussion with Jan Labordus and Jan Pustjens.

Chiel Meijering is considered an outsider among Dutch classical music composers. He has an enormous output, writes fast and his music is extremely accessible, direct and with a provocative pop-like quality. He has written more than four hundred compositions, mostly for smaller ensembles, which have been heard in concerts in the Netherlands and other countries. Meijering is not averse to making excursions into what he refers to as “light music, whatever that means”. He composed a piece for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra with two rappers (‘Here I come!’) in a series of school concerts and during the2000 European Football Championship the American opera singer Renee Fleeming, conducted by Valerie Gergiev, sang a 4 minute version of ‘You’ll never walk alone’, the football song par excellence, on a large stage in the Maas.

For the 100th anniversary of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam he wrote ‘Gedoogzone’ (1988) for two pianos, performed by Wieneke Jordans and Leo van Doeselaar.

To mark the opening in 1996 of the Ajax football stadium ‘De Arena’ he wrote for the Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Groot Omroep choir, conducted by Lawrence van Renes, an arrangement/version of “We will rock you” and “We are the campions” by the pop group Queen.

Chiel Meijering says about his contribution 'überhappy (1)' for Loud & Clear TOO: "The music immediately opens with an 'überhappy'-motif. A three note bouncing lick on a low E-string of my electric guitar bending up and down for shear lust of feeling happy. A funky bass guitar and harpsichord join in, with on top a vibraphone playing quasi improvised jazzy runs. Since feeling happy or even the word love in music is such a cliché, I decided to use another sort of cliché, a plastic sort of sampled voice you can just buy in any music shop, the female singer yelling "Gotta have it", "need it" and "be there!"
Christian Jankowski inspired me to this in one of his emails suggesting I would write something and he "would try to dance to it". Since he thought I would, probably being held for an avant-gardistic composer, write something non-rhythmically and unharmonically like they used to in the last century I decided to tease him with a dance-rhythm in the drums. Music that became so attractive this way you really would like to start dancing to it. Now I became very curious what would be his answer......"



Christian Jankowski

Born in 1968, Göttingen, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

Solo exhibitions:

‘Oops!...I did it again’, Centro GAC, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
‘Everything Fell Together’, Des Moines Art Center, Iowa, USA
‘Hollywoodschnee’, Galleria Giò Marconi, Milan, Italy

‘Christian Jankowski’, Kunstverein Göttingen, Germany
‘16mm Mystery’, Klosterfelde, Berlin, Germany
‘Now Playing’, Maccarone Inc., New York, NY, USA

‘The Day We Met’, Art Sonje Center, Seoul, South Korea
‘Christian Jankowski’, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel, Switzerland
‘Bravo Jankowski!’, Lisson Gallery, London, UK
‘Puppet Conference’, Carnegie-Museum, Project Room, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Group exhibitions and screenings:

‘Situation Comedy: Humour in Recent Art’, Independent Curators Int., New York, USA
‘Getting Emotional’, ICA Boston, Massachusetts, USA
‘Generation X’, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany

‘100 Artists See God’, ICA, London, England
‘Hors d’oeuvre: ordre et désordres de la nourriture’, CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, France
‘Fade in – New Film And Video’, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, USA
‘State of Play’, Serpentine Gallery, London, England

‘Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Stipendium’, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany
‘Outlook’, Athens, Greece‘Grotesk!“, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt a.M./ Haus der Kunst, München, Germany
‘Shine’, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Überhappy, 2005, 2:28

Personal catalogues:

2004 ‘Oops!...I did it again’, Videonale im Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany
2004 ‘Magic Circle’, Revolver Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2003 ‘Dramensatz’, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel, Switzerland
1998 ‘Mein erstes Buch’, Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Cinematography: Max Penzel
Focus puller: Nina Scheele
Steadycam operator: Benjamin Treplin
Montage and postproduction: Andreas Samland


DDB Group Germany

At 36 years, Amir Kassaei is one of the youngest chief creative officers in Europe. He was born in Iran, brought up in Austria educated in France. He started his career as copywriter for TBWA and Barci & Partner and then became copywriter, creative Director and executive creative Director at Springer & Jacoby.

Since 2003 he is Chief Creative Officer and Associate Partner of the DDB Group in Germany, with offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Dusseldorf, catapulting the agency from nowhere to a place among the most creative agencies in Germany. He developed campaigns for Mercedes-Benz, smart, Coca-Cola, Allianz, Apple, Adidas and and currently for Volkswagen, Spiegel etc.

With over 500 national and international awards (Cannes, Clio, London International Advertising Award, Epica, Art Directors Club Germany, Art Directors Club New York, Eurobest, Cresta, Golden Award of Montreux, One Show, CCA, and others) he is one of the most renowned creatives in Europe.

Amir Kassaei is a member of ADC Germany, ADC New York, D&AD and CCA.

DDB was voted the Global Agency Network of the Year by Adweek, and according to the Gunn Report it is "the most creative network in the world".



Idea: Amir Kassaei

Art director: Michael Milczarek

Production assistant: Stefanie Schuster




Panni Cserepes, PUPILLA, is an experimentalist singer and composer whp plays various wind instruments and percussion and founded the ambient music band ZUM in 1997. It gave life to a creative group, which created the Cökxpon Ambient Festival that popularised ambient music and a modern, holistic, artistic way of thinking. Around these ideas converged a Society in Hungary, where young contemporary experimental artists could meet, get in contact with each other and work on various projects together.

PUPILLA concentrates on experiments with a spherical growth of sound-samples using acoustic and ethno sounds mixed with various everyday noises and human voices. A blueprint is created using computers and then later transformed to a living entity: the song.

Conceptually animated films are created by the artists' couple Sfeer, featuring visual imagery using special digital photo, archive film and video techniques. Musicians:

vocals: Panni Cserepes
electric guitar: Pablo Campos
bass guitar: Michael Kentish
drums: David Asztalos
visual animation: Sfeer
sound: Balázs Herczig


L.A. Raeven

Heerlen 1971
The two artists live and work in Amsterdam

Selected projects L.A. Raeven:

'Turbulence', CCA Kiev, Russia; MMK, Arnhem, Netherlands
'Disturbance', curator Helena Kontova, Prague Biennale, Prague
'Coup de Coeur/ a sentimental choice', CRAC Alsac, Altkirch, France
'Deviations', Galerie K&S, Berlin, Germany
'Sad Wings of Destiny', Gallery 400, Chicago, USA

'Sibling Rivalry', Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bannister Gallery, Providence, USA
Re – enact, Club 11/Casco-Mediametics, Amsterdam

Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam (solo), Netherlands
'Critical Society', Badische Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany
Manuela Klerkx, with Julika Rudelius, Milan, Italy
'Siblings/Brüderschaft', Kunsthaus München; Musée de Beaux Arts, Brussels

The artists say the following about 'Prison in me':

"Our work often plays with clichés about twins and the prevalent image of women. We want to show that the cute image of twins is an illusion and the mysterious bond between identical twins a prison in yourself from which you will never be able to escape. A bond that is extremely exhausting and continues forever, an bond that binds the two individuals like a rubber band; as soon as you make an effort to split from each other your attempt is intolerably punished by springing back to the other like a magnet, to the one you hate but also cherish so much. A bond that literally and figuratively seizes and exhausts the two girls in the film, so that as viewer you are not sure whether you’re witnessing love-play or a fight. As a child you experience being a twin more as a dream, but as soon as adolescence approaches the dream becomes a nightmare for then you are expected to behave as a responsible individual and you are no longer able to flee back to the unthinking world of children. It is as though you are unable to make your own decisions, since every decision that you take has immediate consequences for the other. The problems that come with adolescence is a recurring element in our work. For an individual in this society it is already difficult during puberty to arm oneself against all the prevailing ideals of beauty and the striving for perfection. With twins these are roused even more strongly by the competition between two individuals. Our work is intended to show that this striving for an unattainable ideal shared by everyone has to be fought against. As a twin you know how important it is to pursue your own ideal and not that of another."



Chris Rehberger/Double Standards

Born 1970 in Ruit auf den Fildern, Germany

1986- 1989 studied graphic design in Fellbach
1989- 1993 employed in different fields like magazine design, product design and advertising
1993- 1996 self employed in Frankfurt, Germany
1996- 2000 self employed in London
2001 founded the graphic design studio Double Standards, Berlin, Germany
2003 founded Video-Unit Double Standards, Berlin, Germany



Thor Eldon

Born in 1962, Reykjavik, Iceland
Lives and works in Reykjavik

With writer and poet Sjón, composer and musician Thor Eldon founded in 1979 the Surrealist Art Ensemble Medúsa. The group was active in the art scene in Iceland and had its own gallery in Reykjavík. Its members published books of poetry, took part in painting exhibitions and performed music and poetry around Iceland until 1985.

Founder of the record label Smekkleysa (i.e. “Bad taste”) in 1986, featuring artists such as Björk, Mínus, Múm, Egill Saebjörnsson and SigurRós. Founder of the legendary rockband Sugarcubes in 1986 with Einar Örn and Björk. CD's include:

'Life’s too good', 1987

'Here today, tomorrow, last week', 1989

'Stick around for joy', 1991.

Founder of the rockgroup Unun in 1992 with Dr.Gunni.

Thor Eldon became producer of various local bands over the years and made music for the Icelandic Ballet Company and for a play written by Sjón. Film music works include songs for the film 'Skytturnar' (1986) and 'Cold fever' (1996), both films directed by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson. Other music works have been composed for the documentary films 'Possibihilities' (2002) about Sigurdur Gudmundsson, directed by Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon, 'Ég er arabi' (2003), directed by Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon and Sigurdur Gudmundsson and recently for a documentary film on Icelandic popular music and a crime series on television.

Books of poetry:

1983 'Daudaljódin'

1984 'Á vængjum hrokans'

1985 '23 hundar'

1986 'Taktu bensín elskan'


Photography: Julie Coadou


Tamás Komoróczky

Born in 1963, Hungary
Lives and works in Berlin and Budapest

Solo exhibitions:

Dr.Sample & Mr.Shooter, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

God speed, acb Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Turboreflex - Supercut, acb Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Oscillatory, Compensation, Dream, XXV Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil
Things fall out now this way, now that, BBS, Budapest
Supervision, Galleria U, Helsinki, Finland

Group exhibitions:

Focus Istambul, Martin- Gropius- Bau, Berlin, Germany
Hungarian Digital Graphic, Millenáris, Budapest, Hungary
Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary

Supra - Individual, Schloss Goldegg, Germany
Soapoper, Mucsarnok, Budapest, Hungary

AURA, Millenáris, Budapest, Hungary
Without Cinema, The House of the
Lords, Brno, Czech Republic
acb Gallery, Budapest, Hungary



Guido Heffels / Heimat

Born in 1965
Lives and works in Berlin

Guido Heffels was born in Mönchengladbach, “in the city of the many times German football champion” as he calls it. He studied graphic design/ visual communication in Düsseldorf and became a copywriter. He worked at Springer & Jacoby in Hamburg for 6 years. He is co-founder of HEIMAT in Berlin, Germany.

HEIMAT was declared the "Newcomer Agency of the Year" in Germany in 2001, one year after it was founded. Clients include Siemens, Hornbach DIY-Superstores, Nike, CNN, Gaffel Beer, German Cancer Aid, Salamander, SONY Music and Schott Glass. His work was awarded with Golden Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils and CLIOs.

Guido Heffels, Executive Creative Director, is a member of the Art Directors Club of Germany ADC since 1998.

Credits and thanks go to:

Post-production: nhb Studios, Berlin

Flame operator: Daniel Hummer