DVD 10
Todd Schulz/Titus von Lilien



Anna and Bernhard Blume - FM3 - Schulz/ von Lilien/International Yan Jun is a composer from Beijing who, with his collective FM3, is currently all the rage throughout China. His subtle, almost meditative sounds work as a musical setting for the contribution by Anna and Bernhard Blume. The husband and wife team of artists filmed a collection of white packaging material set up in their studio. The camera glides slowly along the row of polystyrene boxes. Boxes that otherwise merely serve to protect electric razors or audio equipment. Detached from their contents they start to function as abstract objects and acquire something constructivist because of their form. This is reinforced by the polystyrene letters, applied in a frieze under the objects. The camera also glides repeatedly along them, but in such a way that the words cannot be read. Spaces are lacking and only fragments of text are recognisable. The film subtly breaks through the social codes of how we see, but at the same time has something poetic and quiet that is in keeping with the music. The contribution by Todd Schultz and Titus von Lilien from the advertising bureau International is also quiet. The film was shot during a wedding where we see the bride dancing with different men. von Lilien worked with an extremely long shutter-speed so that the images are slowed down and the people merge into the surroundings, the surroundings into the people. The slow motion gives the film a touch of nostalgia - perhaps it is found footage that he has edited - , like a memory on the point of disappearing.